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Considering Getting a Smart Lock? 3 Things You Need to Think About

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It might be somewhat odd to think about largely doing away with your front door key, but this is precisely what a smart lock allows you to do. Using a secure smartphone app, you can just press the touchpad and your door will unlock. If you are considering upgrading your traditional lock with a smart one, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Choose Wisely

Opt for a smart lock from a recognised manufacturer. This allows for a simplification of the process, as in a local locksmith can quickly and easily install the device, as well as being able to repair it in the event that such a need should arise. While a number of startups have entered the smart device market, there have been reports of delivery problems, and indeed, a specialist device can be more difficult (and potentially more expensive) to have repaired or replaced should you encounter any issues with the smart lock. Getting a smart lock from a larger, well-established company offers you a degree of security beyond the security offered by the lock itself!

2. The Smartphone Conundrum

Consider your family's needs. While most smart locks are operated via the commensurate app that will need to be installed on your smartphone, does everyone actually have a smartphone? If you have anyone living with you who doesn't use a smartphone, then an entirely bluetooth operated smart lock can be a hindrance. So really, this just means that you should choose a smart lock that still has manual capabilities. Use the app, or manually insert a key, but it's important that both options are there. This dual operation also allows you to use the lock in the event of a power outage (and in the event that you forgot to change the backup batteries).

3. Watch Your Words

Do you also have a smart home assistant? There's something wonderfully futuristic about these voice-activated systems that allow you to operate the smart functions of your home, and yet there needs to be a degree of caution. If you should opt to sync your smart lock with your smart home assistant, you need to determine an unlikely word combination that authorises the door to unlock, as opposed to something obvious. There are certain security protocols in place and the smart home assistant will generally ask you to confirm an order, but choosing a specific word combination for the command makes it highly unlikely that you will ever accidentally unlock your own front door.

While a smart lock can offer incredible convenience as well as the security of a traditional lock, it's important that you make the right choice. For more information, contact a local locksmith.