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How to Increase the Level of Security Offered By Your Commercial Safe

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Some people may find it very expensive to buy a commercial safe that has a higher security rating due to budgetary constraints. However, there are ways to enhance the level of security offered by your current safe. This article discusses some of the extra protective features that can be added to your commercial safe by a locksmith.

The Time Delay Feature

Your commercial safe can be retrofitted with a time delay feature. This feature requires you to wait for a specified duration, such as ten minutes, before you can open the safe after entering the code that you use to open that safe. This time lag before the safe can open may be instrumental in enabling the police to arrive at your premises before robbers leave with your cash and other valuables.

Opening Windows

Commercial safes can also be retrofitted with a feature that allows you to set the timeframes within which your safe can be opened, for instance between 5-6pm each day. Such a feature will ensure that the safe cannot be opened outside those opening windows even if the correct codes are entered into the keypad. You can keep varying these opening windows so that no one observing when you open the safe establishes a pattern from the times of the day when you use the safe.

A Dual Custody Feature

A dual custody feature requires more than one person to enter a code before the safe can open. This feature can be helpful in preventing robbers from stealing your valuables in case they force one person with an access code to enter it during a burglary. A dual custody feature can also be a way to make it harder for insiders in your business to plan a burglary. This is because it may not be easy for them to involve both people with access codes in their robbery plan.

A Penalty Lockout Feature

Some burglars can attempt to use several codes in order to find the one that opens your commercial safe. Such burglary attempts can be thwarted if your safe is equipped with a penalty lockout feature. This feature allows you to predetermine an interval that must elapse before the safe can be opened after the wrong code is entered more than the maximum attempts permitted, such as thrice. For instance, you can programme your safe to reject any attempts to open it until four hours have passed after a wrong code was entered thrice.

Contact a commercial locksmith near you for advice on how you can use the features above to improve the security level of the safe that you installed in your business premises.