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Some Questions You Might Have About Losing Your Car Keys

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If you've lost your car keys and don't have a spare set, you can typically call one of the auto locksmiths in your area to come to your location and get you back into your car, and even give you a new set of keys. You may be worried about how they can do this if you have a very modern car with updated, nearly impenetrable locks, or a very old car that doesn't even have a remote locking system. Note a few questions you might have about working with an auto locksmith and discuss your concerns with him or her when you call.

Is it better to call a dealer if the car is new and has upgraded locks?

Because opening a locked car can be very complicated and making new keys means having to keep a large inventory of blank keys on hand, a dealership may not even have a trained professional they keep on staff for this work. They may actually call an auto locksmith to handle lockouts and the making of duplicate keys for them. Rather than assuming your dealership will be the only place to get new keys or to let you into your car with an updated locking system, call an auto locksmith and describe your car's make, model, year, and any lock upgrades you've had installed, as they can usually help get you back into your car quickly and easily.

What will a locksmith do if I know my keys have been stolen?

A locksmith will usually need to reprogram the locks in your car so that your old keys cannot work on them. If you have a very old car without a computer that manages the locks, the lock barrels in the car doors will typically need to be changed completely. Be sure you mention this to a locksmith when you call so they know to bring new lock barrels with them.

Can any locksmith work on a car's lock?

A locksmith is typically skilled to work on just about any type of lock, since locks usually work with the same principle of pins and tumblers whether they're for a car or front door. However, because many late model cars have computerized locks along with advanced alarm systems, it may be good to call someone who specializes in auto locks and especially if you have a car with upgraded alarms. This is also true if you know you won't be getting your keys back and will need new keys, as an auto locksmith may have the right inventory for replacement keys you'll need.