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3 Replacement Options for Commercial Glass Panes

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Commercial window glass can sustain damage due to accidental impact or even vandalism. The damage can be in form of cracks or even complete breakage of the glass. When this occurs in your premises, you should ensure that the problem is resolved immediately to avoid issues like reduced thermal insulation, invasion of the internal space by insects and lowered air quality due to dust. If possible, contact an emergency serviceperson immediately to seal and repair the damaged section. However, if the glass breakage is extensive, you must purchase new glass for installation in your business space. Here are the primary types of replacement glass panes that you should consider for your commercial windows.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass, and it is ideal for commercial installation because of its safety and improved security. Basically, the material used to make the panes is subjected to special heat treatment during the fabrication process. This procedure increases the internal strength of the glass panes. Therefore, the glass will be more resistant to future attempts at vandalism or even breakage from commercial accidents. Additionally, if the glass does break, the pieces will crumble instead of dismantling into sharp shards. This can prevent the inefficiencies and financial repercussions associated with the injury of workers.

Laminated Glass

Laminated window glass is also in the safety glass category, so it is an ideal choice for business premises. These types of window panes are manufactured by joining two or more individual sheets of glass. In simple terms, the fabricator will use a strong polymer sheet with adhesive to bond the glass sheets into a single unit. This pane will be hard to break because the glass is held in place by the plastic interlayer. Even if the glass does break, the shard will remain in the same position because of the adhesive. Consequently, you will achieve more security and limit accidents in your workplace by choosing laminated glass.

Double-Glazed Panes

If you are interested in increasing thermal insulation when replacing your windows, you should consider purchasing double-glazed panes. As implied, these types of products are fabricated by assembling two or sometimes more sheets of glass. Unlike the laminated option, double-glazed windows have a vacuum or even a gas-filled space between the sheets. The construction will prevent transfer of heat and consequently, your space will be more energy efficient.

Generally, you can choose inexpensive standard glass for your windows. However, if security is a concern, consider purchasing laminated or tempered double-glazed window panes.