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A Ruff Life: What to Do If You Lock Your Dog and Your Keys in Your Car

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If you've locked your dog and your keys in your car, it can be scary, but ultimately, it will be okay. Here's what you need to do:

1. Call a locksmith right away

Ideally, you should contact a locksmith right away. These professionals come to you, and they help open the car, effectively and without damaging it. In most cases, you can reach these professional 24/7 to help you almost anywhere.

2. Monitor your dog for heatstroke 

If it is hot outside, it is always hotter in your car, and you need to monitor your dog for the symptoms of heat stroke. They include excessive panting and lots of saliva. Also, try to see your dog's gums, as they will turn purple or bright red if he or she has heatstroke.

3. Create shade over your car

To reduce the heat in your car as you wait for the locksmith, add shade to it. If there are people nearby, ask them if you can borrow windscreen shades, beach towels to hang over side windows or even umbrellas to cast a bit of shade on your vehicle. Remember to leave an opening so you can keep an eye on your dog.

4. Try to unlock your car

In most cases, you may be able to slip in a long piece of metal, such as an extended metal hanger, into your car. You need to wedge this piece of metal between your window and the weather stripping around it. Once you have it in, use it to unlock the lock.

Unfortunately, this technique really only works on older cars as most new cars are made to resist this type of entry.  Additionally, trying to unlock your car without the help of a locksmith can damage it.

5. Consider breaking the window

If the outside air is 29 degrees, the interior of a parked car can heat up to deadly levels within 20 minutes. When you contact the locksmith, be sure to tell him or her that your pup is locked in the car so that he or she can prioritise your emergency.

However, if the temperature is 29 degrees, you should strongly consider breaking your car window within 20 minutes. If the temperature is cooler, you can wait a bit longer as long as you monitor your dog. If you decide to break the window, break the one furthest from your dog.

For more tips on what to do if you have accidentally locked your dog in your car, contact a locksmith.