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2 Tips to Reduce or Prevent Lockout Incidents for Your Business Premises

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Business premise lockouts can happen for many reasons, from losing your keys to jammed locks. In any case, business lockouts are not only annoying and inconveniencing, they can also cause loss of revenue in the time it takes before you can get a locksmith in to remedy the situation. If you suffer frequent lockouts or want to reduce your chances of every getting one, consider these options below:

Change your lock types

There are a myriad of options to secure your business premises while reducing chances of lockouts from misplaced, stolen and/or lost keys. The following are some of the most helpful:

  • Key-card locks – key cards are useful in preventing lockouts because of the way the card is carried around. Individuals that have the key can place them on the lanyard that holds their ID badges around their necks, making them difficult to misplace or lose.
  • Keypad locks – these are especially advantageous in that there isn't a physical key to lose or misplace. It can also be used in addition to a key-locking system as a backup, so that when the key is lost, a 4-6 digit pin can be used to open the door. Keypad locks are also beneficial should unauthorized personnel get the code – you need only change the code instead of replacing the entire lock system
  • Scanner locks – these use a person's biometric information to identify them and are the most secure systems for businesses. The most common scanners are fingerprint and iris scanners, and they are near-impossible to duplicate. You can use these to secure doors to sensitive-access areas where a lockout/unauthorized access would be disastrous.

Talk to a locksmith if you're not sure which the best system to lock your business premises is. Remember that it is far better to invest a little extra initially to get a good lock installed than to have to replace lost assets once a cheaper lock has been compromised.

Sort your office doors

Exterior doors are the most important for your business, but you can install simpler locks for interior doors to prevent lockouts in areas that don't have sensitive information/assets. For instance, you can privacy handles (locked by pushing a button on the handle/knob) on bathroom or supply closet doors. In case of a jam, these locks are easy to jimmy without having to wait for a locksmith from far.

Spring locks are another alternative, since they can be simply opened with an old credit card if you have no key. You simply need to insert an old credit card between the lock and frame then bend backwards until the lock is forced open. This is helpful because the lock doesn't get damaged in the process.